As a member of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme members of the Public have
a questionaire to complete if they wish when they purchase a puppy from me.

Over the past years the following comments have been made by some of them:

Thank you for your kind and thorough handing over of puppy Debucher Toute Suite - she has duly been named by Florence and will be known as 'LILI' - hopefully pronounced with a french accent! Though since she has come to live in Essex there is every chance the odd 'oi Lil' might slip out!

She has settled in brilliantly and is really very well adjusted and appears content with all of us.
Naturally, should I have any concerns or queries, you will be my first point of reference.
Thank you once more for such a gorgeous pup, I hope she will be very happy with us.
Best Wishes from us all, Tanya .

An excellent, committed breeder of Bassets Griffons Vendeens. We would not have purchased our puppy from anyone else...
Puppy Buyer from Hampshire.

We were most impresssed by the good socialisation of our puppy at the age of  nine weeks.
Puppy Buyer from West Midlands.

We were very pleased and impressed by the way the breeder handled things.
Puppy Buyer from Norfolk

Mrs. Phillips was very informative about the breed. Our puppy is very confident and a credit to his breeder.
Puppy buyer from Dorset.

Vivien has been absolutely brilliant. We have visited her regularly for the last four months and have always been made to feel welcome. She has been very honest with all the information on the breed- good and bad - and now we have got our puppy she has said we can pop in any time to see her. We feel  confident that no matter what questions we have, Vivien will always be at the other end of the phone for us.
Puppy Buyer from Hertfordshire..

Just thought I would drop you a quick line to let you know how Zsa Zsa,  we call her Bunty, is getting along after her first full week in the Deen household. First of all she is everything we wanted in a puppy, she is so full of character. She has eaten well this week and has had very few toilet accidents in doors. She really loves being in the garden and normally does her toilet in the same areas. We have given her lots of toys so, so far my furniture remains intact from chewing. She has been great with our children and immediate family and is so loved. In return she loves being with us and gives us plenty of licks. Clive has taken her to the local vet to be registered and she gave her a full bill of health and her jab!

She does cry at night when we leave her downstairs in her bed which is upsetting. Will she get used to this? Other wise she has adapted so quickly and so well. We have put a collar on her and a lead when we take her to the car so she can get used to it and can’t wait to take her for little walks. She can’t wait either, as soon as the front door is open she dashes to it to go out! If someone knocks on the door she gets so excited to see them she is just so friendly. We are both so pleased to have her and she is well loved and seems very happy to be with us.
Pauline Carrick from London

Thank you for our lovely puppy Theo (previously Zebedee!) He's been with us 3 weeks today and so far all is going well. A few whimpers when we first go to bed and when we're in the house but not interacting with him, but apart from that (which I'm sure he'll grow out of) he has been a delightful addition to our home. We were particularly impressed by his even temperament when playing with my 2 & half year old nephew, which we were thinking might be down to him having some practice playing with your grandchildren! On your advice we've joined the BGV club so hopefully we'll keep in touch with you and some of Theo's brothers and sisters through that! Many thanks again - he's a beautiful dog.
Caroline Dyer & Chris Tredwell

Debucher Danseuse (Darcie) Absolutely precious!!      
She is life changing, a real treasure. Happy, happy hound! Libby and Tango have produced a little star. She loves her crate, steers clear of the 3 cats and has great respect for our aged cocker spaniel, Sky and thoroughly loves life. She has made waking up in the morning worth while again. She goes through the night without a murmur and is nearly house trained, in one week. She is such a part of the family already and we are thinking about another one very soon. Thank you so much Vivien for all your help and advice and the smooth passing over of Darcie, We love her very much!
Rachel Oldershaw and family, Northampton
(june 2008)

Just wanted to let you know how grateful we are to have Kipuu. She is a really wonderful addition our family. She loves the garden and going out for walks. We are constantly stopped and asked about her breed. Everyone says how gorgeous and friendly she is. At puppy school she was initially timid but now enjoys playing with the other puppies and is slowly but surely responding to our commands. She is growing well and has settled in beautifully. Best wishes,
Rozanne & Mike

I want to say thankyou so much for our fantastic little GBV we picked up from you a few months ago (born on 4th Feb). He has settled in really well and is beautifully behaved and very affectionate and gentle.  Everyone has fallen in love with him and we’re very happy that he’s part of our family. Thankyou again for taking the time and effort to breed such wonderful dogs. Kind Regards,
Ruth Davis (The woman from Wimbledon with the Labradoodle!)

Dear Vivien, Happy New Year to you. Just a quick note to say thank you so much for breeding "Badger". We love him so much and "Tarka" is getting more and more used to him. They often lie near each other and she does genuinely car if he has hurt himself, so it is lovely and we are thrilled to bits.
Thank you again....Terrie

She has grown in to a lovely dog, so good natured and friendly (I don’t think she has a nasty bone in her body).  She can be let off the lead and has been off the lead from 12 weeks, however, she does have her PSB mode (psycho squirrel bitch) when there is no stopping her and she is off, closely followed by my husband in chase!. She gets on great with the Grand (Sid) that lives down the road and runs most dogs ragged playing with them, she has hardly chewed anything through growing up, although a bit fussy with her food (our fault!) and loves to play – she hates water with a vengeance and no amount of coaxing will get her in there!. She is a joy basically!! Thanks for all your help and guidance I am not too sure what we would have done without you and seriously thinking of a friend for her!
Gill Fletcher

Dolly is really totally at home now.  Hector is very gradually coming around as I think he recognises a potential partner in crime! She is eating well, sleeping well, we have had no accidents at all in the house (even at night) and she is in the process of digging to Australia in the flower beds.  I will send some photographs for you to see as soon as the link to my computer is repaired.  We are absolutely delighted with her and thank you for allowing us to have such an exceptional little pup.
Ted and Alex

All's well with us and our mischievous Rufus, he is growing so quickly and his character is coming out more each day. He is so confident about everything he does and seems to have no fear about anything or any one. He is learning very quickly what's right and what's wrong like not to swing on my nice clean sheets when I put them on the washing line. He's learnt to sit and lie down, I am working on the command to stay at the moment which he has not quite mastered yet!

But we will get there.

We just want to say thank you so much for your advice and we feel very reassured in the knowledge that you are happy for us to contact you at any point. And, thank you for rearing such a super dog, Wilbur is a delight.
Justine, Mark and Anna

Hi, Lydia (Idylle) has settled in with us very quickly, she has introduced herself to all the Jacmist cockers and they are enchanted with her, has scoffed all her food, pee'd and poohed outside, and is now tucked up in bed, Thank you for such a precious little darling.

Hello Vivien, Archie is settling in so well that it seems that he has been here forever; even the cats are adjusting to him (though Archie has learnt quickly that they are the rulers of the house and treats them with the appropriate respect for now). I attach a picture of him and one of the cats, Stouffer, quite happily together.  The blanket he is lying on is actually Stouffers and who normally jealously protects it, placed as it is under a nice warm radiator! He had his last injections on Friday and can go out for proper walks at the end of this week.  He is a joy to own, and has finally stopped howling when he goes into his crate at night. He even goes into his crate during the day by choice, if I am working in the kitchen. Thank you again for all your support and advice.

I have just got back from a trip over to our home in Ireland where Archie was a huge hit and adored by everyone he met.  One of the girls in the village christened him “the movie dog” (as in a Disney type film) and the name seems to have stuck.  I was worried about the journey over there as for the first few months he did not travel well, and it’s a fairly long journey, including two hours in the bowels of the ferry, but he was an absolute star.  The journey down caused him some anxiety, but a couple of weeks of getting in and out of the car going to the local beaches, playing with other dogs, trying to eat seaweed, jumping in and out of waves, and the ultimate pleasure, chasing seagulls at the end of it, persuaded him that car journeys are pretty good.  After a couple of days, he was lifting his front paws up on the boot helping me to lift him in.  The journey back was utterly painless and again he wowed people at the ferry port in Dun Laughaire.

I know I have said this so often in my updates on his progress, but he is an absolute joy to own and live with.  Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful animals.

We collected Florence from you last week, and already she has settled into our home making friends with our two Standard Schnauzers, so far we have not had a bad night with her, she settles into the cage with our two Schnauzers watching over her, feeding has not been a problem in fact if we are a little late in giving her a meal she soon lets us know, she has had her first visit to the vet and she was giving a clean bill of health, in fact our vet was most impressed with yourself the breeder with the amount of information you had given us to pass on to the vet. As I am typing this, Florence has just come in from the garden obviously had a whale of a time as her face and paws are completely covered in mud,time for some grooming I think.

Will keep in touch with updates on progress and photographs, which I am sure will be plenty.
Linda Swinden

Kous Kous who is now officially called Biscuit is the absolute perfect puppy. He has settled in really well with us and is very  happy to be here. He really is a delight - affectionate, playful  and very clever. Almost housetrained after only a week, can sit and  do 'down' {almost!} and walk a bit round the garden on a lead. He  is very calm and nothing seems to faze him except being left alone  somewhere. He is getting on very well with our other dog and all is  good. Thank you so much for letting us have him. We are really  thrilled. He is also extremely handsome!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Yankee as he’s been with us for about 11 weeks.I think we totally underestimated how quickly he will grow – he no longer looks like a “small” Grand (I guess he wouldn’t at 23lb). He is a very handsome boy and a firm favourite of the entire family. The children adore him and he misses them on weekends where they are away. We have been taking him to obedience training and keep bearing in mind, the words of wisdom you shared with us, about making sure he knows he’s bottom of the pack – we notice his attempts at trying to climb up the steps of hierarchy. All attempts are unsuccessful – and we and everyone else Yankee meets (human or otherwise) is still greeted with a “belly up position”. Right now we are able to let him off the lead in the park and providing are pockets are full of treats – he comes back every time. Ian keeps commenting about how smart he is – yes he has figured out how to open the stair gate if not firmly locked, he is clean at home both day and night, and his teething so far (knock on wood) has been limited to bones and toys. He is absolutely lovely and a huge credit to you as a breeder. And hopefully in the next few years you may see – we haven’t done too badly as owners either. Thank you very much again for such a lovely hound.

Woody - woody - woodyWoody - woody - woodyWoody - woody - woodyWoody - woody - woodyWoody - woody - woodyWoody - woody - woodyWoody - woody - woody


I love kisses and cuddles!

Now that we have had Woody for a number of days I thought we should drop you a line to let you know how he is getting on....

He is a delightful puppy - full of fun and very intelligent. He has already learned to sit and fetch in the past 3 days! The journey up to Glasgow was perfect. He slept most of the way and did not toilet in the car. He wet when we got home. We couldn't believe our luck when he slept throughout the first night without a peep. We got him a crate on the second day and he has adapted to that rather well. So far we have only used it at night and a few times to teach him to be alone for a little while. We are building him up on that.

We visited the vet today with Woody for the first time. I took along all the documentation that you gave us and the vet was very impressed with all the information and advice we had already been given by yourself. Woody was given a clean bill of health with the vet commenting that he is a very 'lovely pup that is already well socialised'. He proved quite a hit in the waiting room! We have signed him up for a block of 4 puppy socialisation classes held at the vets starting in a couple of weeks. Woody is such a sweetheart - everyone in our families that has met him so far have adored him. He certainly isn't short of kisses and cuddles!

Thank you for all your help and advice. We will keep in touch to let you know how he is doing.

Victoria and Jim

As you see, we have opted to call D.Limoges ‘Chloe’. She is a bundle of fun and energy and VERY happy!
She has a wonderfully rewarding waggy tail which is absolutely gorgeous to be greeted with!

Chloe travelled home really well, sleeping for much of the journey. This made visiting the vet the next day very much easier, and she even greeted the vet with a little waggy tail! The first 2 nights were a bit traumatic but after a bit more crate practice she has slept through (until gone 6am today!) – a huge relief and we are very proud of her. We are both pretty worn out after 4 days (you did warn us that she can be a bit naughty but so far she has been very good most of the time.), and toilet training is going well. We are conveniently booked in for Chloe, Kevin and I to be trained at Puppy classes from the day after she is allowed out and about so that should also assist in moving in the right direction.

Integration with our 10 year old cat (Ella) is going quite well and we are pleased at how well they are both coping. Amazingly, our nervy cat is coming into her own and has the upper hand at the moment – Chloe is being her usual friendly self, but knows not to get too close just yet (Ella has an effective hiss / growl it seems!). They are gradually getting closer and seem less threatened. I have high hopes!

Anyway, just a little update to let you know that your adorable little one is OK and that we are loving having her in our life!
We look forward to meeting up with you again in the future, hopefully at the April fun day, and showing Chloe off to you as she progresses.
Many thanks again to you and your devoted team who brought Chloe up so beautifully to this stage!

Sue and Kevin

Digby has settled in really well, both he and Jimmi are enjoying each others company. I am amazed at how quickly he learns - was house trained quickly. He is a joy to have around.


Just thought I would let you know how Audrey is getting on. Attached is a photo of Lincoln with her, she adores him and he is getting used to her-slowly- his nose was out of joint for a couple of days but he is coming round. He is very good with her, although sometimes a bit rough. She is adorable-very affectionate, settled in quickly, cried a lot at night at first but as soon as we let her sleep with Lincoln she was fine. Hope the rest of the puppies are finding good homes.


Fortunately you're the kind of dog breeder that cares for the long term wellbeing and hopefully that will mean that very, very few fall into idiotic hands.
I don't think these are a dog for the faint hearted and as you said from day one - they need firm handling.
Couple that with a lot of love and you have the most wonderful addition to family life.


Lily had a good first day with us, she played with her new toys all day and slept all night without a sound - she has been an absolute joy!


Lucas, our 10 week old GBGV is the third GBGV that we have gotten from you. Alfie is now 14 years and Lola is 16 months. They are all in great shape, and really pretty and handsome. Each is an excellent example of the breed. They have brought us total joy for the last 14 years. The thing that
impresses us most, is the fact that each of the three came to us in excellent health, and well adjusted. These are important traits, and we know it must to be totally due to the way you treat each pup from it's birth to the time it leaves the kennel. You and your staff should be proud of the job you do.

Thanks again for three wonderful additions to our lives.

Best regards, Elaine and Harvey Herman (Hampton Bays USA)

Finally I have got round to letting you know how Hector is doing. We absolutely adore him. He is great with my other dog, is put in his place by the cat and ignores the parrot, though I wouldn't leave them in the same room together if the bird is loose. He is a bit of a tinker, and I haven't let him off the lead unless the area is totally secure but he is quite obedient, when he feels like it. This is Hector with the cup he won at puppy training for making the most progress, he even beat a well behaved Alsatian puppy. I must admit he will do anything for a treat. He settled in immediately, and is wonderful with the children. My youngest wants to do agility with him when he is older, but we'll see, as I am not sure that he would be obedient enough not to just run off and sniff something. He really hasn't destroyed anything and with his cage was clean in the night from day 1. I am absolutely thrilled with him, he does require more work than other dogs I have had but I love the rewards we get back, I hope you like the photos. I think he is a handsome young man, but then I am biased. We haven't had him done yet, as we are seeing what his character is like, and so far, although slightly cocky he isn't too dominant in his maleness.

I hope you aren't snowed in on this cold March day.

Hi Vivien, I hope you are keeping well.. Busy I'm sure.

Just wanted to send you a short update on how Dudley is, and have attached a recent picture of the man. He's such an amazing character.. Cheeky but totally charming in every way. From day one we've found him to be very intelligent, willing to please and obedient. The expressions on his face at times is hysterical.. and always brings lots laughter and smiles. He's going to weekly socialising classes with my mum, which they both enjoy. He's brought so much happiness to my mum, which is lovely to see. Every time we speak she enjoys telling me all about Dudley's latest news, and the funny things he does. My partner Paul and I, are moving to a small holding in May, so will finally be in a position to have our own dog, along with my horses at home. We are so taken with the breed that we have decideda Grand Griffon is for us, so if you have any litters around August/september time, perhaps you would consider us.

I hope you are well and to catch up sometime. Take care

Hollie Westrip

She (now called Rosie) has been an absolute gem! I did not hear a peep out of her the first night nor any night since. She has slept happily in her cage on a dog bed. Been really good on the toilet training - only one or two inside accidents and that has been my fault not hers (miscalculating when she had last been out). We have had various people in and out of the house and she has taken it all in her stride. Eating normally and well and been to the Vet and all fine. She loves the garden and has had a great time playing in it (although the weather has been a bit miserable), and enjoying her toys. We are being very firm with her - some strict rules about when she is allowed attention and when not! I think it really helped having those first few days on her own with just me, she seemed to settle easily but I may well be fooling myself and it was probably due to good breeding and a good start by you!

I'll keep you posted, but thank Vivien. We really could not have had a better first week!
Just thought I'd let you know that Hugo (Clipperdown  Jumpin' Jack) has settled down well and is rather a celebrity in Harpenden. He's very sociable and confident  around other dogs. He's just had his first puppy training session and the lady who runs it has an 11 year old black and tan dachshund as a pet so she's been very helpful.

Thanks again for letting us have him. Kind regards,

Clare Moore

Thought I must email you to update you on Flynn, now he is just over a year old. As you will see from the attached photo he has grown into a lovely young man. He really has the most wonderful temperament & is loved by all that meet him! We've even had people stop in cars to ask about him & tell us how gorgeous he is!! We all remember you saying that you thought he would be like his Mum & he certainly has Facade's 'laid back' & gentle nature. He really is a delight & a joy to own!

Many thanks for breeding such a wonderful dog! Kind Regards,


  He's such a sweet natured little dog, although a little naughty yesterday (Richard stood firm and Milo got the picture about who is in charge). I'm back at work tomorrow, so this will be a new change for him but he seems very contented and settled overall so hopefully he will quickly adjust to how life normally is for us.

Milo is settling in really well. Still sleeping through until about 6am, which we realise makes us very lucky! He's had little practice drives and visits to friends and is getting the hang of his name, sitting and going outside for the toilet.


Lucas, our 10 week old GBGV is the third GBGV that we have gotten from you. Alfie is now 14 years and Lola is 16 months. They are all in great shape, and really pretty and handsome. Each is an excellent example of the breed. They have brought us total joy for the last 14 years. The thing that impresses us most, is the fact that each of the three came to us in excellent health, and well adjusted. These are important traits, and we know it must to be totally due to the way you treat each pup from it's birth to the time it leaves the  kennel. You and your staff should be proud of the job you do.

Thanks again for three wonderful additions to our lives.

Best, Elaine and Harvey Herman

Hi vivien,

Just a quick note to say how well cooper is settling in, he is very much our baby and we adore him. He found his feet very quickly and has got a real character. He's picking up on his house training too which I'm so impressed with, he must be very intelligent! He's had his first jabs and second in 2 weeks, my parents have a 11 week cocapoo and 4 old lab so really looking forward to introducing them. Thank you again, I can't believe it was only a week a go we picked him up, feels like we've had him forever. I will be I touch again.


Hello Vivian

Sorry we have not been over to see you yet. We have had building work going on that has taken longer than expected. Meanwhile I have attached a photo of the lovely Gabriella! She is such a beautiful friendly much loved little hound. Very lively ,happy & so affectionate. Loves everyone. My old Scottie is rejuvenated this past year. She plays with Gabbie and gets on so well with her. Mackenzie is well over 11 now but acts like a puppy with her.Gabbie has enjoyed 3 weeks in Cornwall with us over the summer. We took her everywhere with us during the day. She loved the beach but wouldn't go for a paddle in the sea! She always makes us smile! I can see why they are known as " Happy Hounds" She really enjoys life.
Loves to look out at everything.loves to know what's going on. Follows me round the house where ever I go. So cute!
Hope to see you soon. Hope you & your hounds are well.

Jilly & Gabriella

Just wanted to let you know Badger has settled in very well.

We are sending you this picture of her in her new home and can’t tell you how thrilled we are to have her!

Kind regards


Hi Vivien,

Hope you are well.
Just wanted to let you know that Finley has settled in brilliantly from day one. Seems to enjoy a car journey very much.  Hope the moment we collected him, he slept all the way home.Toilet training has been no trouble at all, he seems to naturally want to use the garden.  He has the odd accident, but it's to be expected. He's been to the vets, behaved very well.. Enjoyed it I think!  She was very impressed by his wonderful personality and at how easy he was to handle.

Thank you very much for holding onto him for a bit longer for us, it's very much appreciated. He's a wonderful pup and feel privileged to own him.
Will send you some up to date photos soon.

Take care

Hollie and Paul

Good Morning Vivien,

We have named our puppy Claude. A nod to his French heritage, and it really suits him. He is an incredibly sweet chap. As you said, very calm, and rather grown up in a way (ie he doesn't seem to have any interest in chewing things up or running riot - but I'd better not speak too soon. Maybe that comes later!) He is just gorgeous and sweet natured and wonderful with the other animals and the children.

We feel very happy and privileged to have him as part of our family, so thank you. We will keep in touch and let you know how he progresses.

All the best,

Sophie and Marcus

We were very pleased with our puppy and Mrs Phillips' kennels were very clean and well set up. We were allowed to meet all her GBGV hounds and we were given lots of information about the breed and how to care for them. Hattie,our puppy is very well socialised and has fitted in to our home with our elderly dog and visiting dogs with no problems. We think it is testament to Mrs Phillips vast knowledge and passion for the breed,and it shows through in all her wonderful hounds. We would not hesitate to recommend her Debucher Kennels to anyone.

Thanks again for all your help

Dave and Jackie Chisholm

Hi Viv,

Frank was brilliant on the journey home. Slept all the way! Has eaten & asked to go out in the garden on numerous occasions!
Flynn seems to have accepted him really well. At the moment Frank is asleep in his basket & Flynn has gone & laid next to the basket. Very sweet!

Thank you once again for breeding such wonderful dogs!



Hi Viv,
Just thought I would send you a few pics, lucy is so adorable and has settled in really well, takes herself to the back door when she wants to go out, sleeps through the night, the last two mornings I have been up before her, hope you are wishes

Louise and Steve x

Dear Vivien,

We hope you’re well. I’m writing to let you know how Badger is getting on now she’s six months old! We couldn’t wish for a happier, more affectionate or cleverer little dog. She’s an absolute joy and is adored by the whole family and everyone she meets. She’s definitely an outdoor dog at heart (like us!) and is in her element digging in the garden or exploring further afield.

She’s also a keen sailor (although only crewing!) and last week was awarded her Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award – she was certainly the biggest personality in the class. I’ve enclosed a few photos of her up to various things. Just wanted to thank you again – she couldn’t be a more good-natured, enthusiastic character and we can’t imagine how we got on without her! With best wishes,           


The entire process of buying a puppy was professional from start to end. The kennels where the puppies and parents are kept are well maintained and the dogs are incredibly happy and well looked after. We were fully informed about everything we need to do to become great dog owners/ parents to the new puppy. Herbie is such a lovely happy puppy and it can only be down to the fantastic start in life he has had. I will ensure that I stick by the great instructions given by you to continue his happy life.
Thank you again for all your help and making it possible for me and my husband to love a puppy so much in just a few days.
will keep in touch to let you know of Herbies progress

Here's the latest picture of Walnut and their usual muddy, messy state chasing the cows!
I swear he is  brilliant off the lead! He is a total star...!

Walnut is just an ABSOLUTE angel. I can't tell you quite how much we love him. He's got the loveliest temperament ever... so happy and social... Everyone in our village knows him and wants to pup-nap him!

Thank you SO, SO much for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family!! Xxxx

Best wishes, The Leavesley

Hi Vivien,

Hope you're well. We've had Wilson a week now and I just wanted to tell you that he's wonderful. He's such a calm, gentle pup who is so friendly and responsive. We've pretty much got him house trained, no accidents inside since Tuesday. He sits when asked (usually) and walks so nicely on his lead. We've been short walks each day and met the neighbourhood dogs. I've combed him everyday to get him used to it and he's happy to let me.  He met my 16 month old niece on Wednesday and they were gorgeous together. So thank you for such a lovely dog.


Hi Vivien,

Dotty has settled in very well to her new home. She loves our garden and
with this good weather enjoys being out there most of the time playing with
her new best friend Elizabeth.
She is a wonderful puppy and we all love her very much already.

Thank you again

Family Avent

Hi Vivien,

Gigi is now 12 weeks old and she is such a character. We love her very much and it feels like she has been with us for years rather than weeks! She has a wonderful personality; very smart and very funny. She plays little jokes and entertains herself with her cleverness! She is also a handful and we have to discipline her so she doesn't think she runs the family (I think she would like to run things if given the chance!) She loves sniffing around in the garden and climbing through undergrowth and bushes; she is incredibly curious and loves mud, leaves and sticks. She is equally happy snoozing on a soft cushion whilst having a tummy tickle! She is a gentle soul and also a little terror. She has a big and kind heart and we adore her. Vivien has been a wonderful support to us and an enormous help when we have needed advice.\

Thank you Vivien!

Hi Vivien.

Just thought i would let you know how Lola is getting on. she is settling in rather well, when we put her in her bed at night and we dont hear a peep out of her. She has had here first jab and health check and is in tip top of health. She is such a happy dog we all love her to bits. If we have any problems i won't hesitate to give you a call. Thank you so much.

Lorraine Weeden




A few Flo photos for you!!, she's settled really well and had glowing vet reports,going back in a couple weeks for next jabs .



Regards Robert


Hi Vivien,

Thought we'd share this picture of the two girls having a quick cuddle.
I'm thrilled to report that Melodie didn't cry at all last night.
Margaux is being great with her she really wants to play.
We'll send more pictures soon.
Thanks for Melodie she's fitted in so well already.

Ian Binns

Hi Vivien,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Hugo. He has had his vaccinations (Lepto 2) and is now out and about entertaining everybody. Supremely intelligent and toilet trained on paper on day 1, moving outside into the garden also on day 1, with no accidents! We have followed your extensive recommendations, particularly his position in our family pack and he is just absolutely fantastic!. If you remember, we both work from home and so he is in our company almost all the time, allowing us to offer frequent tiny reminding instructions which of course he responds to. He begins an 11 week puppy training class on 14th August and we have high hopes! Attached are a few photos of Hugo and his best mate Alfie. Keep up the good work.

Kind regards
David & Alison

Our girls are an absolute joy - 48 hours in and already I cannot imagine our life without them. Betty is so brave and fearless it's wonderful, first to do everything - even met mr hedgehog and bravely stood her ground (under davids supervision!) Nelly needs a little more encouragement - she is so placid and a little timid but with lots of encouragement and praise she is learning very fast and every hour she gets just that little bit braver. Their personalities are so different - Betty loves to be snuggled up in her bed - Nelly prefers to be on a blanket on the stone floor, Betty is the first to welcome our visitors, Nelly will quietly come and say hello when she is sure all is safe. They absolutely love their garden! Nelly particularly - she is out here all day long. Their favourite game is to get as deep into the hedges as they can and then chase each other - hilarious to see all the bushes wobble as they make their way along! I promise I won't bore you with constant updates but just wanted to let you know how wonderful our pups are - credit to yourself and their mum.

Warm regards

Hello Vivien,

Journey home was as expected - slow in the rain with a howling puppy - he has a good voice ! Gaspard is a joy - confident happy puppy, eating well and settled nicely for night time sessions in a crate - let him out roughly every 2 hours and he already wants to be outside  for poo etc... even obliged in the torrential rain last night !
Boo ( Newfie ) seems pretty indifferent to him at the moment - I crate Gaspard every time I leave the room, safer at the moment and he doesn't mind, has already accepted resting spot in a bed under the kitchen table. He doesn't seem nervous or intimidated by Boo but seems to have sense to keep out of the way of his feet - not taking any chances though so they are watched every moment.

Thank you for letting me have this special pup
Gregory & Gaspard

Hello Vivien,

Cant tell you how pleased I am with Daphne (although facebook would give it away). She is totally amazing, so clever, loving and so far really responding well to training. Obviously some of this is down to the breed but its got to be the breeder too. I enjoy her more every day and I have no doubt we coming to you for another one in a year or two.


Rosie Norris Hello Vivien,

Just to let you know Rosie is growing beautifully and is very much loved.

Heather Norris

Here is Otto with Roody - all chums. He's been a great addition to our family. He's been a really easy happy pup.  
Thank you I believe that happy dogs live in loving homes but have come originally from good caring breeders so that's you.


Dear Vivien,

Thank you again, so very much, for our lovely pup. We have arrived safely and the two and a half hour journey went well beyond expectation: after some ten minutes of initial protestations we stopped and offered him a drink, which he gratefully accepted and then promptly fell asleep. He didn't complain again until a toilet stop was required about an hour and a half later. He played in the garden, ate and slept and has taken to his den very nicely. He lets us know when he needs to be toileted and -as you can see - our Golden Retriever has accepted this intriguing addition to his pack quite naturally. I will let you know how we get on over the next few days, but, thanks to your knowledge, experience and thorough hand over you have left us very confident and happy with a lovely, well balanced little dog. Many, many thanks!

Christina and Family   P.S. He is fast asleep downstairs now, on his back in his crate, right next to our Golden Retriever - long may it last!

Hi Vivien,

Finally home!! Thank you for this wonderful gift. We love her!!!

Mabel is doing really well. She has been good as gold and has clearly had excellent training. Thank you so much. 


Dear Mrs Phillips,

I wanted to update you on the puppy I bought from you in October 2019. Originally called Janey, but soon changed to Lucy;  she was born on July 31st. This week, at last, Lucy was spayed and that reminded me that I need to tell you what a wonderful job you did on breeding this little dog.  She is a gem!

How you managed to get her so friendly to humans when you live in such an isolated place I don’t know, but it is often hard to walk, because she wants to greet people, throw herself on her back and get her tummy tickled.  She’s also so dog friendly, and strains to greet other dogs.  Even though she’s nearly grown up, people still stop and go

« Aaaaaah, isn’t she sweet! », because she’s so pretty.

She learned to walk off-lead right from the beginning and then I started her on a lead. We should have had two walking holidays by now, in the Peak District and the Lake District, but of course, they had to be cancelled. But that will be her future – four walking holidays a year in Britain and lots of daily walking on Cannock Chase and the country side around. My other dog (9 years old) loves her and is very tolerant of her wish to play; she too is a gem!  Today though, it is too hot to go out, and in any case Lucy has to rest after her op.



Hi Vivien,

Hope you are keeping well. Everything is going very well with Maude. She is a dream and has already enriched our lives on so many ways. She is incredibly cuddly and a very calm dog. She loves to play in the garden, regardless of the weather! Her potty training is going brilliantly and she’s sleeping longer stretches at night. I’m a terrible photographer when she is playing (and moving so fast!) so have also included a picture of her resting so you can see her growth. Thank you for rearing such a wonderful puppy!

Kind regards,



Hello Vivien

Hope you are well. What a lovely week we have had with Dolly. Can’t believe she’s been here a week already! Fair to say she has settled in very quickly and thinks she’s the boss! 

Chester took some coaxing, but he is a gentleman and has been good with her. She’s been waking up only 1-2 times a night and settles quickly at night. Absolutely LOVES her food too and seems very content.

We’ve been doing little bits of training with her each day and she responds very well. Although most of the time she’s just following Chesters lead, very cute. 

Dolly is very determined. We absolutely love her.

Thank you Vivien




Hi Vivien,

Hope you’re keeping well and that your hounds and puppies are too. Thought I’d just give you a little update to let you know that Valentine is doing very well. He’s a confident and playful little chap and is enjoying exploring his new home. He’s settled in his crate well and we’ve had a few nights of sleeping right through till morning without a peep from him which is good, And the unbroken sleep is much appreciated by me! I’ve attached a couple of photos for you, He seems to be growing before our very eyes!

Dear Vivien,

Ludo is now nine weeks and two days and is the most engaging, gallant little chap. He's grown in confidence so much over the past week: it's been a delight to see. He seems to have a gentle and outgoing nature.

His only 'mad' time is just after his last feed, when he tires himself out on his various garden projects. Otherwise, he's a calm little puppy, so different from our rather more boisterous Lab puppies of the past. He already becoming quite adept with a ball. I have ordered the book you recommend, which I see is co-authored by his father's breeder.

We are so grateful to you for all your help - with the paperwork, the insurance and advice - all so professionally given. (We are also very impressed with the honourable way you did not charge Covid prices!)

He's a beautiful little dog and you must be very proud of all that litter. And, cross fingers, he's already crate-trained (no problem) and house-trained (thanks to the weather).

Best wishes



Dear Vivien,

Thought I'd let you know that Denzel is doing really well settling in. He actually slept for most of the car ride home from your house on Saturday (attached photo). He didn't enjoy going to the toilet outside in the rain, However he has already learned to go and stand by the back door when he needs the toilet and haven't had any toilet incidents in the house apart from one when he first got back, so I'm really impressed with him. He is also sleeping through the night in the main. He has a little cry, then is taken outside to do any business, but when he comes back in he is straight to sleep.

You have raised a lovely puppy so far and thank you for all of your hard work.

Best wishes




Dear Vivien,


Otto has had a great 1st 24 hours. He was brilliant on the way home, and when we stopped for a coffee! He has met Murphy and they are getting on pretty well. He is a very bold puppy who is not at all afraid to explore! He found his voice for about 30 minutes last night then slept all night long without any accidents. He’s eating well and having lots of fun in the garden!


We’re excited to see him grow and watch his adventures.
We’ll keep in touch and thank you for letting us have Otto, he’s fantastic!


Dear Viv,

Thank you so much for our wonderful Debucher Zandrine (Mabel) who is a delight! She has settled in to our household very quickly: she already sleeps through the night, and eats her own weight in puppy food! She has now accepted that she’s the boss of the garden and struts around very importantly. She’s funny and very bright – calm but enthusiastic – friendly but gentle – a real credit to you and the way you bred her. I can’t walk more than 2 minutes without someone stopping me to greet her and tickle her tummy. She’s a true GBGV and will no doubt challenge us when it comes to “training” and “obedience” LOL. Perfection in puppy form.

Kindest regards

Samantha and Rob xx

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