‘Lottie’ = Debucher Galaxie =

                                                           "I am sure there is a rabbit down here!"

‘Lottie’ (Debucher Galaxie)

   No not another obituary, fortunately, but an appreciation of being given the opportunity to rehome another GBGV. After the tragic and untimely death of Lucy the house, well at least the garden, seemed half empty. We still had good old Daisy, who for some days endlessly walked around the routes she and Lucy had taken on their adventures together but something was missing in all our lives. So we decided to put our names down for another GBGV needing a new home expecting a wait of some months before one became available.

However, only a few days after talking to Vivien Phillips the telephone rang and she offered us one of two bitches that had become available. Naturally we rushed over to meet Lottie and were bowled over by her. She is a beautiful looking dog and was very responsive on the lead. We still get bowled over by her but now it is because she is so full of life and bounce!

Lottie quickly found the stream on the other side of our meadow and has decided that she is really an Otter Hound! She is always very happy to dive in and “wash toes” after a muddy walk or even if we just go into the meadow to see what the bunnies are up to.

It took only a very short time before Lottie showed that she could be relied upon to come when called though not if in hot pursuit! It does help to have a pocket full of sweeties (chicken treats) as the rattle of the bag soon results in two dogs at one’s feet.

After a nervous start Lottie has settled in well. She is learning the boundaries of behaviour and she is, generally, an undemanding and unassuming two year old. We have had our moments, particularly as the two hounds sorted out their relationship, but nothing that could not be resolved quickly.

With her affectionate attitude, combined with a lively and at time scatty manner, Lottie has very firmly won her place in the family and in our hearts. We feel privileged to have been adopted by her.

John Roe

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